Got the news

Just got the news that I can join the NSPCC team to run the London Marathon 2012! Über excited! I am not experience with all the fundraising and stuff though… Arghh… and now have to raise £2,000 quid? Is that possible? Should be possible, right? Somehow? I count on you 🙂

I will be running my first Marathon January 2012. As a trial run so to say. The London one will be my second then. I got this training schedule from a friend that I follow religiously for weeks now. Have a bit of a horror vision that I won’t be able to make it, break down in the middle of the race and change from running to crawling. But the training schedule seems to make a difference, it really does. So I there is hope. 😉

NSPCC wants to strop cruelty against children in UK. I like that. A lot.