Calvia International Half Marathon


Did this Half Marathon on Sunday as part of my training for the Tiberias Marathon which is the test run for the London 2012 one. Must sound like I am a complete running nutter (which I would like to think of myself I am not), so I have to explain: the Tiberias is my first marathon ever and I am so scared of it, that I am following this specific training plan religiously. Per plan I had to race a half that weekend and the only race in Europe was the Calvia one on Mallorca. That’s why I did it, right? Not because I am mad, ok? And with a time of 1:47 I did it far better than expected. There is hope.

Sponsored by CycleLab

Got my first company sponsorship this morning. The story: lost my bicycle rear light, so stopped on my way to work at  my favourite bicycle shop to a get new one. Turned out that the guys there are not only keen cyclists, but also interested in running which led to marathons, barefoot running and  fundraising. At the end I walked out of the shop with one of these cool water resistant rear lights, with flexible silicone body and super easy to fit. But instead of paying them, the £25 went to my fundraising pot for the NSPCC. I am thrilled. So, if you live in London and come by Old Street round about, just give them a visit. They also have a JuiceBar and serve excellent coffee, so its worth visiting even if you don’t cycle. Here is their webpage:

Stollen against Cruelty

Stollen is a very sweet and traditional German Christmas cake thingy. I took some mini versions of them to work (and some nice Hanuta Wafers, which is a fond childhood memory of mine). Next to them a cup for donations. The deal: £20 in the cup by the point the last Mini-Stollen and Hanuta is gone and following week my work will see a proper 1kg Stollen. They did it and my fund raising barometer rose an other £21.66! Cool.

First responses

Thanks everyone for an encouraging start with the fund raising. Within the first 5 days (and without harassing anyone) 5 guys of you donated and gave the fund raising an amazing kick start of 7% of the total sum (£141.20 of the £2,000). It made my 2hours 20min training run that weekend so much easier. Thanks again, you are the best!