I am at Tel Aviv airport and have some time for reflections and soul searching: Rain – it did rain a lot, before and after the marathon, during it not so much. Thanks God. Failure – I had a bit of time to digest my failing – kind of failing. I shouldn’t have gone for the sub 4 hours. Instead I should have run very easy, easy, easy till the end. But good news on the hip and knee front: pain is over and I was able to do long excursions through the Golan Heights. (Nimrod’s Stronghold is one of the most fascinating places I have seen, especially when visited in rain and mist.) Today my legs feel nearly back to normal and I am very grateful that the marathon didn’t seem to have caused major injuries. The rest of the time in Israel was just great. We had sun, rain (a lot) and even snow and of course one historic site after an other historic site. Absolutely crazy this place, in a good way.

I failed, kind of


It’s all over and I was rightly scared. It was not easy, despite all the training. Until kilometre 30 it all went rather well, but then I had to slow down and from kilometre 35 I had to walk. Running, not walking was one of my main targets! It was a very hard thing to do, and felt like failing, but I am glad I did it, because my top target was not to break myself. And even with sore knees and hips, which did not allow me to run on, they were much better when I walked and I am pretty confident that it’s all good now and I am still in one piece. Over all it was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for the London one, and a 4 hours 22 minutes is still a respectable time I mean, for the first try and considering my age. Bring on London 2012!

At The Airport


I am at the Airport. Point of no return, I guess. Weather forecast says, rain, rain, rain. They gonna be kidding… I barely ever had to run in the rain during the last 14 weeks training in London and now I fly to Israel, people urging me not to forget the sun cream and it’s going to be solidly rainy all five days? Running a marathon in the rain adds a new challenge that I don’t really appreciate nor was asking for! Please God, make it stop!

One week to go and not feeling ready

While there is still a bit of time for the London Marathon in April, I am quite nervous about my upcoming trial marathon in Israel next week, the 12th of January. This will be my first marathon ever and I say trial, because I don’t intend to break myself or get injured, yet I am determined to finish it. I have been preparing for it for the last 13 weeks; hill runs, fartlek runs, long runs, recovery runs, threshold runs, cross training, you name it – but strangely I still don’t feel ready or that I am “there” yet. I probably never will, so I guess it is time to take a step in faith and just do it. One week to go…

NSPCC vest and first fundraising target

It’s now several weeks into the fundraising and I am absolutely excited about all the support I got so far. Thanks to everyone who’s already given or wants to give. You are great! I now got an NSPCC running vest with the big letter on the back: “There’s is a child depending on me.” This is truly motivating and helps me to go through rougher patches of the training and preparation. NSPCC wants to strop cruelty to children in UK and I like that a lot.

With the vest I got the letter, that set the first fundraising target: 30% of the total sum by the 22nd of January. This is ┬ú600. So if you are considering to give, now might be a good time ­čÖé