Stopped By Snow

20120205-102602.jpgThe German football legend Sepp Herberger is known for saying “Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel” – After the game is before the game. The same applies to my marathon situation and I am quite aware of it. It did not take too long to get back on the road and between the Tiberias and London marathon lie 14 weeks, exactly the time I had to prepare for the first. My training approach is now a bit different though. Taking on board that it was not stamina nor strength that killed me, but the pain in my knees, I am trying to worry less about Fartlek or interval runs and do more steady long runs practising my marathon pace. Today is my long run training day and I am supposed to do 2 hours plus, but I think the weather won’t let me. Running for hours in snow, several inches deep? I don’t think so. My marathon “I won’t make it in one piece” paranoia starts to kick in. It’ s before the marathon, not after – remember?

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