30% reached – as good as

Thanks to everyone for helping to reach the 30% fundraising target by the 22nd of January. Even though the running total is still slightly under, I got one verbal donation commitment on the day itself (which was my birthday by the way and the donation is my birthday pressie), but it’s not on there yet. Guess I have to chase my present up 😉 But the NSPCC knows and it’s all good.

Have to start looking ahead though and see how raise the last 70% (and maybe even more, who knows?). Frist measure: I just got this fancy new web address for my running blog. It’s very simple and easy-peasy to remember:


That’s it. Cool, huh? Might put it on a T-shirt to raise awareness for the cause 🙂

The training goes all well. After the rather rigid training plan that I was following for the Tiberias marathon in January, I do now what I call “feel good running”: just try to run with enjoyment, don’t über-focus on times and heart rates and try to run feeling good as long as possible. It works. I have done some nice trail runs since and even reactivated my Vibram FiveFingers. That is the footwear with the barefoot feeling. Nearly forgot how great it is to actually feel the ground under your feet. Fun times!

4 thoughts on “30% reached – as good as

  1. Hi Roy,

    Cathy mentioned the other day how she needs to get organised in doing a fundraising event and I had the idea that maybe you could both pull your resources and idea, along with friends to invite and do a joint one and split the funds raised between your charity and her’s.

    Some food for thought!

  2. Great idea, Anne. Thank you! I’ll get in touch with her. Ordered Chariots of Fire and will watch it soon and then decide whether to go ahead with the Charity Cinema @ Church 🙂

    • Sorry for late reply. Did not get a e-mail this time to say you had added a comment. Glad you liked the idea. Would like to borrow the film when you have watch it if that OK. Hope your training is still on track and you are keep well.

      • No problem, Anne, I can lend it to you. Watched the movie last weekend. Was not bad, but I think it is a bit slow for a public charity screening. Still undecided and I don’t think its gonna happen before the big event…

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