Slowly loosing hope

The snow is gone and training should be back on track. Last Sunday I managed to do over 28k in 2 hours 50 minutes – despite partial snow and a 11k run just the day before. Today I tried to top it and to get confidence that I do can run for very long if I just start slow enough. My idea of “topping it” was a comfortable run of 3 hours 30 minutes, with no pace in mind apart from being slow and feeling comfortable all way through. So I started slow, ran slow and was ground to a hold at 3 hours 2 minutes. My knees gave in, again. And the distance I covered was just  the same that I did in 10 minutes less a week before. I felt like throwing a tantrum and I probably had. But my premature end of the run happened in the middle of Lea Valley, which meant I a solid hour walk home ahead of me. The temperature was around 4 degrees and I got cold. Very cold, so I kept walking and couldn’t really afford to through myself on the floor and shout and scream and use words that would make our swear jar at work proud. Why? Why??? Why can’t my body not just do what I want?! I start loosing hope that I can finish the London Marathon running and not walking. Not happy.

2 thoughts on “Slowly loosing hope

  1. Hey you. Seen my facebook updates lately? I ran an 11 miles last weekend and had a heel injury so am not allowed to run for 2 whole weeks. Allowed to bike and swim (Boring!) so I’m doing that instead. BORING! Anyway, I guess what I want to say is Keep Going. Last year when I was listening to ‘Marathon Talk’ a radio programme about, surprise surprise, marathon runninng, it talked about ‘walk/run’ which is used by people to get really fast times. Maybe you could look into that? It’s not a sorrowfulsadloser option – people even use it to get sub 3 hour marathon times. Anyhow, keep going; tomorrow is another day. Take care. And Have Fun – don’t forget to look about you at the beauty of the world. That’s what you would say! Cathy X

  2. Thanks Cathy, you really manage to put a smile on my face with your comment. I will look into this run/walk thing (feels like ARGHHH – but I will). And tomorrow is an other day I guess. Hope your heal is getting better soon. You are very brave, doing the boring thing instead 🙂

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