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I had now a full week of wallowing in self-pity. Its time to do something and come up with ideas how to beat my knee problems. One idea comes from running buddy Cathy: Having a marathon run/walk strategy doesn’t mean you are a loser. You can actually make respectable times with that. Later this week super MdS athlete Andy from work said the same thing: If you know from the beginning you can’t run the whole thing, plan in some walking early and not only when its to late. Makes sense I guess. Andy also gave me a potential secret weapon: Hornet Juice. An energy powder inspired by the incredible ability of hornets to fly hundreds of miles. Will try it for my long run tomorrow and let you know how it goes. An other idea comes from our running newsgroup at work. Shaun mentioned the webpage I just checked it out and it is full of ideas how to improve running techniques. Tips like shorting your strides, placing the foot just under your knees and not before them and using your hamstrings actively pull up you lower leg when swinging through to the next stride are the definitely worth trying, but I am not expecting miracle results. However, avoiding impact to knees and joint by better running style is without doubt my long-term goal. I don’t intend to give up.

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  1. Awwww, glad I’m helping! I’m still not running at ALL. But swimming, biking and today SURFING! I’m back in Newquay just for the weekend. So much fun. Brings back bday memories. Liked running with you on the beach. Hang on in there, Mate. You’ll get there!

  2. Surfing in Newquay?? Well, not brownie points for you then 😉 Hope you are back on track soon and I’ll let you know how my first walk/run planned 3 hours training session goes!

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