Hornet Juice, run & walk and the thing with the hamstrings

Today I put into practice all the new running ideas to tackle my knee pain. All at once. 250 ml Hornet Juice before the run, tried the 9/1 run/walk strategy and kept in mind to pull my lower leg always up, actively using my hamstrings. I was carrying an other 500 ml bottle Hornet Juice mixed with some Energy-super-something and felt more prepared than ever. I didn’t expect it to be easy, but I hoped it hadn’t been as hard as it turned out to be. Yes, my knees didn’t give in this time and yes, I managed to do my longest and furthest training run to date, but there is a but. It wasn’t fun, I am absolutely shattered and annoyed by all this over-engineered running. I can’t really say I felt some special boost through the Hornet Juice to start with. This whole “fueling” idea just takes my focus from running and I find myself thinking more about the next sip out of the bottle. The same with the 9/1 run/walk approach that says, run for 9 minutes and then walk 1. Apart from the fact that you have a nice break to take some pictures, again I found myself only focusing on the next break, especially when I got tired later in the run. It didn’t work for me and in the end I had to stop this rigid run/walk pattern. And then the hamstrings. They can be convinced to be quite active up to k 20 at best, but after that no change: I was dragging my feet and lower legs along as usual. But there was one tip that really seemed to work: Shortening the strides and try to place the foot under your knee and not in front of it. This was something I still can do, when I was close to collapsing. But an enjoyable run is something different. However, I am posting some of the pictures I took to remind myself of the nice route and that every cloud has a silver lining.

5 thoughts on “Hornet Juice, run & walk and the thing with the hamstrings

  1. Gut gemacht Roy! Freue mich auf deiner naechste Status, aber sie nicht so hart an dich selbst… 😉

  2. Hi Roy

    Went for a drive Sunday afternoon with a few friends and saw you on the very final part of your run as you passed Blackhorse Road station. I was going shout out “ Run Roy Run ” to spear you on but didn’t get to open my friends car window in time. Have to agree with you that you looked shattered. 🙁 Do hope your knees get better so that you will be able to run all the way and get back to enjoying it more and taking in the Scenery while on the run. 🙂 God Bless Anne

  3. Thanks Anne. Well, the knees were actually fine, but I was just done… I probably hadn’t even noticed you if you were standing right next to me and shouting in my ear… Still can’t believe you saw me in this state 😉

  4. Good to hear your knees are better Roy. Nice pictures by the way and Ultra short video. Taking of photos I made up an album call Architecture of Happiness and put it on FB. Have not quite finished labelling them but do take a look. Having a break from FB during lent. Reading some good books and trying to focus on the job hunting, though still not easy. Lots of prays still much needed please. Have been know to throw some mini tantrums myself. Best get back to it. 🙂

  5. Just checking out your Architecture of Happiness photos on FB. Great pictures, really them and enjoy your FB lent 🙂

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