The Last Long Run

Today in four weeks is the London Marathon. All running advice that grabbed my attention seemed to stress one thing: Do you last long run today. Very important, very, very important. Not easy when, you have pain in your foot, not really knowing what it is and whether the last long run before the marathon might push you over the edge and becomes your last long run for months or even a year. Have been there, that’s why I am so cautious. However, after days and days of rest (only three if I am honest, but it felt like a week) I completed a 10k run yesterday and was still in one piece. The niggles in my foot don’t seem to be running related. Heaven knows what that is. That encouraged me to give the idea of the last long run a go and I still can’t believe it, but: I did it! It was fantastic weather and a fantastic route from London Fields along the canal up to Kings Cross, Camden Town, Little Venice and beyond. My running spirits are revived, the hope is back and I am very, very grateful. Against all odds it turned out to be one of the best runs I had for a long time. A miracle.

Piercing Pain

Got up this morning, went down the stairs and suddenly felt this piercing pain in the ball of my left foot again. It first appeared on Tuesday during my very light and easy lunch time run. The same day when the strange pain on the top of the same foot appeared during a very light and easy bicycle ride to work. WHAT IS GOING ON? I tried to be good this time, stopped running, made an appointment with a foot specialist for Friday after work and hoped he can give me some advise about bow bad it is (or not). It was not easy to get this appointment, all foot specialists in the City seem to be extremely busy (maybe because of Marathon). Only got this Friday slot last-minute, because someone else cancelled and I thought how lucky I was that I don’t have to wait until after Easter. Well, it turned out that nobody what there. No doctor, no receptionist, no PA, no-one was answering the phone or opened the door. I must have got something wrong (or they!). ARGHHH… And now? I will try again: first today an easy jog to London Fields Lido (my favourite outdoor swimming pool) and on Monday to get an other appointment.

I will run, walk or crawl

I can’t quite remember at which point I thought running the London Marathon is a good idea. Now with the event coming closer and closer I’m getting equally more and more terrified. Today is the 22th of March, which means there are only 30 days to go. I got an appointment with a foot specialist for tomorrow. It’s not bad, but when I move, walk, run it gets slightly worse, which is worrying.

But luckily the cause is bigger than myself and I am happy that my self-inflicted marathon misery can help to raise money for the NSPCC. Thank you so much for your sponsorship and donation. I promise, I will run or walk or even crawl the marathon. The money will go NSPCC’s ChildLIne, where children in distress can call and find a well-trained NSPCC volunteer who listens and offers help and advise. Many testimonies show what difference this can make in a child’s life where fear, abuse and neglect is the norm. Here is the link to the fundraising page:

Serious Resting

I finally found a cure for my chronically hurting Achilles tendons (or my Achilles Tendinitis, as I learned from several running websites). After 10 months of soreness it finally seems to be over. The cause? My inflexible calve muscles. Only a week of serious stretching and massaging (deep into the knotted calve tissue) has done the trick. Just in time to experience completely new pain: some kind of burning  pain on top op my left foot and rather bizarre some kind of sharp pain in the ball of the same foot, a feeling like stepping in a needle and continue running without removing it. It occurred during my very gentle, very easy, very “I am kind to myself and make sure I don’t get injured” lunch time run. The answer, as always: Rest. But how can I rest when there are only 4 and a half weeks to go? 22nd of April and with it London Marathon comes closer and closer. Not quite sure what to make out of that, but I guess I take the train tomorrow instead of the bicycle and do some serious resting. Grrr.

Mattresses Against Cruelty

Got a new mattress for the single bed room. But what to do with the old one? It was still in good condition, but it was a bit to hard and springy and not really my idea of a good night’s sleep. Before calling the council to get it collected, I gave Gumtree a shot, mentioning my fundraising in the ad and that the money would go to the NSPCC. Two days later it was sold and gone. Smooth and simple. Win-win! Let’s all sell our spare mattresses and donate to the NSPCC to stop cruelty against children in UK!  🙂

Snaresbrook News

I always thought of Snaresbrook as a strange name, a bit menacing and the perfect setting for some ugly stories you don’t want to know about. Well, it happened that I googled this place to get the spelling right when posting this atmospheric picture of Snaresbrook Crown Court of my long-run the other day.

Coincident or not, but apart from the right spelling I did stumble upon a story that I could have done without: Contaminated (urine) food at the court canteen. Not quite sure why I am posting this (not even latest news), but here you go. The run was ok, by the way. Decided to be less manic about times and distances and just try to enjoy it again. I decided to do my long run straight after my Pilates class on Saturday (rather the usual Sunday), exploring a bit unknown Epping Forest territory (which led to the picture and the disturbing news). But the weather was as great yesterday, as it is rubbish today, exactly as my WeatherPro App told me. Would would I do without it?