Serious Resting

I finally found a cure for my chronically hurting Achilles tendons (or my Achilles Tendinitis, as I learned from several running websites). After 10 months of soreness it finally seems to be over. The cause? My inflexible calve muscles. Only a week of serious stretching and massaging (deep into the knotted calve tissue) has done the trick. Just in time to experience completely new pain: some kind of burning  pain on top op my left foot and rather bizarre some kind of sharp pain in the ball of the same foot, a feeling like stepping in a needle and continue running without removing it. It occurred during my very gentle, very easy, very “I am kind to myself and make sure I don’t get injured” lunch time run. The answer, as always: Rest. But how can I rest when there are only 4 and a half weeks to go? 22nd of April and with it London Marathon comes closer and closer. Not quite sure what to make out of that, but I guess I take the train tomorrow instead of the bicycle and do some serious resting. Grrr.

2 thoughts on “Serious Resting

  1. I think that you have to take solace/encouragement from what you’ve already done. Fact is, it’s so close now that the miles you already have under your belt will hold you in good stead. So don’t worry. That’s an order. X

    • My foot is better now, but I still feel there is something wrong. Worst scenario: 4 weeks rest and then hey, lets run (or walk) 42k 🙂 Have an appointment with a foot specialist on Friday. Lets see what he says…

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