Piercing Pain

Got up this morning, went down the stairs and suddenly felt this piercing pain in the ball of my left foot again. It first appeared on Tuesday during my very light and easy lunch time run. The same day when the strange pain on the top of the same foot appeared during a very light and easy bicycle ride to work. WHAT IS GOING ON? I tried to be good this time, stopped running, made an appointment with a foot specialist for Friday after work and hoped he can give me some advise about bow bad it is (or not). It was not easy to get this appointment, all foot specialists in the City seem to be extremely busy (maybe because of Marathon). Only got this Friday slot last-minute, because someone else cancelled and I thought how lucky I was that I don’t have to wait until after Easter. Well, it turned out that nobody what there. No doctor, no receptionist, no PA, no-one was answering the phone or opened the door. I must have got something wrong (or they!). ARGHHH… And now? I will try again: first today an easy jog to London Fields Lido (my favourite outdoor swimming pool) and on Monday to get an other appointment.

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  1. Wow, only 15 and a bit days to go. Seams ages since we chatted in person. Have missed a few Sundays as I have had a few aches and pains myself. Must sort out some celebration drinks sometime after the big event with Cathy, Norman and John. Take Care and keep well. Happy Easter! God Bless Anne

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