The Last Long Run

Today in four weeks is the London Marathon. All running advice that grabbed my attention seemed to stress one thing: Do you last long run today. Very important, very, very important. Not easy when, you have pain in your foot, not really knowing what it is and whether the last long run before the marathon might push you over the edge and becomes your last long run for months or even a year. Have been there, that’s why I am so cautious. However, after days and days of rest (only three if I am honest, but it felt like a week) I completed a 10k run yesterday and was still in one piece. The niggles in my foot don’t seem to be running related. Heaven knows what that is. That encouraged me to give the idea of the last long run a go and I still can’t believe it, but: I did it! It was fantastic weather and a fantastic route from London Fields along the canal up to Kings Cross, Camden Town, Little Venice and beyond. My running spirits are revived, the hope is back and I am very, very grateful. Against all odds it turned out to be one of the best runs I had for a long time. A miracle.

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