Expert’s Opinion

I did see the foot doctor in the end. It is good sometimes to get check out by an expert. First and major thing: The pain in my foot is nothing to worry about and I can to my marathon. Yeah! But the doctor wasn’t to impressed by my barefoot running ideas (“hippie ideas” to quote him). His main point: My feet are perfectly fine, why do I bother to improve something that works. Hmm… He did not give me the chance to say, that this is the first time anyone says this about my feet. Last time I saw a physio (three years ago), I had floppy and weak ankles and I needed insoles for my collapsing arches. Since I can remember people tell me I need orthotics and all kind of stuff. Now three years into running more barefoot and having transitioned from heel striking to mid-foot running the expert says the feet are all good, but there is no scientific evidence that barefoot running is beneficial. Wonder if they ever bothered to find out. I felt like picking a fight, but with experts you always lose. So I said thank you and left.

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