Zombies, Run!

This is what I was waiting for: An app that lets you run away from zombies!! It’s called Zombies, Run! You won’t believe how this boosts your run. It starts with the announcement “Zombies detected” and you hear a slow signal. You are Runner 5 in this game, and “Zombies detected” marks the point where Runner 5 has to speed-up. If the signal tone gets faster, the zombie mob is coming closer and you have to try harder. If you are still to slow, you get two more warnings. Zombies are 50m away from you and then at 20m. If you are still not fast enough, they get you! But trust me, with the increasing zombie moans in your neck you discover unexpected resources and you will speed-up. In the rare case where you don’t, the game is not over if you have managed to collect enough goodies. They will be dropped to distract the zombies. Once home and touching base, you can use goodies to build up the stronghold and unlock new missions. So you don’t want to lose to many of them. The people who thought up this real-life game  are genius. I completed the first mission today and can’t wait to get out again for the next one. The first mission was well told, funny and highly entertaining. The app uses playlists to merge your music seamlessly with the game. Highly recommended. If you are into zombies, that is. But hey, who isn’t – right?

Drink n run

We had a couple of beers last night. Our employer was so nice to open the roof terrace and invite us for some Olympic drinks. Nice view from there, as you can see on the picture. Not sure after how many beers I noticed that cycling home is not an option anymore. But taking the train seemed to be a bit of an anti Olympic spirit. Especially in this awesome weather. I remembered some stories about crazy ultra runners in the book Born To Run (highly recommended read btw) who run no matter what the alcohol level is in their blood. So I ran home. And I made it. Wasn’t easy though, but made me feel a bit like a crazy (one day ultra to be) runner – which is a good thing, I hope.

Frankfurt Marathon Registration

Yeah, the Frankfurt Marathon registration is all done and dusted. A bit of an unconventional way of getting registered though. This is why: I want to run it with my friend Michael. Michael runs it with his company’s running team. And they are very nice, because even though I work for someone else, they offered me to register through them, so that I can run it with my friend. How awesome is that?! Not sure if I am offending anyone from my own working place. Despite checking with our Sport Committee and being officially informed that this year we don’t participate as a company in the Frankfurt Marathon, it feels a bit like… hm… cheating? In a relationship sense? Well, I am sure this feeling will go sooner or later, just thought I mentioned it. For the records. 😉

Sharing The Pain

I kind of warned you in my last post: Let’s talk about pain (and see if it gets halved). While in theory I am a big fan of the whole “listen to your body” thing, “stop before you get injured” and so on, and while I even participated a Chi Running workshop lately (Mantra: easy and painless running), I have to face the fact that I am in pain. It is worst in the morning. A good morning is when I don’t have to hold on to the banister when I go down the stairs to the kitchen – in slow motion. The areas of pain have been shifting slowly. A year ago my calves and my right heel were killing me. My knees though only hurt, when I do 25k plus runs, they are normally fine in the morning. My calves are fine now. However, my glutes and hamstrings are worse than the calves ever had been. While my right heel is still a bit tender (joined by the left one) the most painful part of my battered legs is the spot under the left foot, where the arch ends and the heel begins. Every morning it feels like stepping into burning coals. I did some research and it is most likely what they call Heel Spur or Plantar Fasciitis. Reading this stuff up is a bit disheartening and I don’t want to bore you with all the details about potential therapy. The good thing is, my Heel/Plantar niggle is going on for quite while (since before the London Marathon) and is actually not getting much worse. Strangely it nearly disappeared straight after the marathons, but then slowly built up again. My current approach is more stretching. I have to admit, I find stretching boring, but should do it more often. As for my glutes and hamstrings I remain puzzled why this pain is not going away. What helped with my calves was massaging them, which fills me with similar excitement as stretching. Do I really have to knead my backside every night? Hm… Well, time to make a point. Thanks for reading, I am feeling better already.

Sinking Into Oblivion

My webhoster just sent me the bill for renewal of web space and URL. That reminds me that I haven’t running-blogged anything since completing the London Marathon. What a waste of web space rental.

Well, I have a full year now to decide whether I actually want to post stuff or to let my little running adventures sink into oblivion. Tough choice. I like writing and I like writing about running, but I hate pressure and don’t perform very well when sensing it. Having a blog that needs constant feeding in order to be somewhat justified IS pressure. Any ideas how to over come it?

It is a bit of a shame, because this blog knows nothing about the awesome Lakeland Trails Marathon three weeks ago, an adventure compared best to be thrown right into a Lord of the Rings movie setting and then run your way out of it. It was amazing.

Further while I am trying to reach a physical state where my legs and feet don’t burn like hell every morning I get up, the next Marathon is already in line: Frankfurt, end of October. Yikes. Maybe I should start once again sharing my pain with the part of the world who wants to know about it. Is shared pain not half the pain? We shall see.