Zombies, Run!

This is what I was waiting for: An app that lets you run away from zombies!! It’s called Zombies, Run! You won’t believe how this boosts your run. It starts with the announcement “Zombies detected” and you hear a slow signal. You are Runner 5 in this game, and “Zombies detected” marks the point where Runner 5 has to speed-up. If the signal tone gets faster, the zombie mob is coming closer and you have to try harder. If you are still to slow, you get two more warnings. Zombies are 50m away from you and then at 20m. If you are still not fast enough, they get you! But trust me, with the increasing zombie moans in your neck you discover unexpected resources and you will speed-up. In the rare case where you don’t, the game is not over if you have managed to collect enough goodies. They will be dropped to distract the zombies. Once home and touching base, you can use goodies to build up the stronghold and unlock new missions. So you don’t want to lose to many of them. The people who thought up this real-life game  are genius. I completed the first mission today and can’t wait to get out again for the next one. The first mission was well told, funny and highly entertaining. The app uses playlists to merge your music seamlessly with the game. Highly recommended. If you are into zombies, that is. But hey, who isn’t – right?

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