Ultra Strategy

I have to come up with some ideas, if I mean business with doing an ultra. And by “doing it” I actually mean: enjoying it, staying healthy and continue doing it. Running the Comrades with its 89k in 2014 is a realistic long term goal I suppose, but how to get there?

What about increasing my total weekly running distance by 10% per every month? I did 55k per week in December. 10% increase sounds reasonable: January 60k/week, February 66k/week, March 72k/week and so on. Now lets do the math up till end of 2013 (with rounding numbers down rather than up): It means I’d reach 104k/week in July, 125 in September and 165 in December… Errrr… Ok, before I rethink it and change my mind, lets make this to my 2013 new year resolution.

I must be completely bonkers.

But hey, if I am really able to keep it up, there is surely no need to worry about a 89k run in Summer 2014.

Thinking Ultra

“Everyone can do it”, a statement I heard and read several times since I am curious about ultramarathons (which is everything longer than a standard marathon). Unlike achievements like running a 42k under 2:05 or 100 meter under 10 seconds, running 100 miles is apparently open to all or at least most of us. I start thinking ultra and want to find out if that’s true. If it turns out that I can do it surely everyone else can. It doesn’t have to be a 100 miler to start with and I do like the idea if giving myself plenty of time. The South African Comrades Marathon (56 miles) in 2014 sounds ideal. First done in 1921 it is seen as the oldest ultramarathon. After running Athens I am very fond of races with an epic scale. Lets do it. Who joins me?