Ultra Strategy

I have to come up with some ideas, if I mean business with doing an ultra. And by “doing it” I actually mean: enjoying it, staying healthy and continue doing it. Running the Comrades with its 89k in 2014 is a realistic long term goal I suppose, but how to get there?

What about increasing my total weekly running distance by 10% per every month? I did 55k per week in December. 10% increase sounds reasonable: January 60k/week, February 66k/week, March 72k/week and so on. Now lets do the math up till end of 2013 (with rounding numbers down rather than up): It means I’d reach 104k/week in July, 125 in September and 165 in December… Errrr… Ok, before I rethink it and change my mind, lets make this to my 2013 new year resolution.

I must be completely bonkers.

But hey, if I am really able to keep it up, there is surely no need to worry about a 89k run in Summer 2014.

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