March = 72k/week

It’s March and this means I have to step up my weekly distance. From 66 to 72k. I feel a bit under pressure now. My knee discomfort is not getting worse, but my leg muscles do, especially my calves. And I a wonder why. What changed over the last weeks that makes my muscles feel so tight and knotted? Can caffein withdrawal cause that? I am giving up coffee for lent and the withdrawal symptoms have been horrific: headache, tiredness, moodiness to name a few. Do I have to add muscle tightness to this list? Or are my new trainers the cause? They are a bit flatter than my old ones, but thinking about it, how much cushioning can be left in a pair old trainers, that I got 5 years ago and are literally falling apart? What ever the reason is, one answer is probably more stretching and massaging my legs. I even got one of those foam rollers and lie down every night on my bedroom floor with calves or IT band on the roller called the Grid and torture myself. The fact that it is very painful proofs the point. It help initially, but a couple of hours on the calves feel as tight as before. I am just carrying on out of lack of options. At least it is not getting much worse anymore. And there are only 26k left till Saturday. Seems to be doable (I keep telling myself).

4 thoughts on “March = 72k/week

  1. Keep going. You’ll get there – changing your shoes is Definitely a good idea. I just got some new ones plus two layer socks, and it makes everything just so much more comfy. Finished a 20 miler on Saturday and my feet just felt Normal! So good! What date is your marathon again?

    Love Cathy.

    • Well done on you 20 miler! Awesome and so encouraging. My marathon is the 7th of April. Still no improvement with my calves/knee… It is sometimes frustrating how stubborn your body can be. I do run my distances though, but decided to skip all time keeping, pace keeping, music listing and just try to take it as easy as possible. Not much fun though.

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