It’s April – let’s step up

Strange how  the beginning of a new month comes now with the feeling of a new running challenge. My new year resolution says 10% more distance per week each month. April equals to 79 kilometres per week. It feels like it starts getting serious. Especially with the two marathon races I am planning to do in April: Paris this weekend and Hamburg two weeks later. The good thing about the marathons is, that they shave off 42k of my weekly distances without any extra effort. Yay! The other good thing is that after the a thee weeks of awful and painful runs, it all feels more back to normal. Despite having completed my 72k each week quota for March. It is amazing how your body can adapt, recover and heal while you’re running. You have only to be a bit kind and friendly to yourself. The third encouraging thing is the very good long run I had yesterday, which was 39k, close to marathon distance, and without hitting any walls. If Paris goes as well as yesterday the under 4 hours marathon should be possible. It’s very exciting, bring it on!

5 thoughts on “It’s April – let’s step up

  1. Good catching up in church on Sunday Roy. All the best for your marathon in Paris look forward to tracking your progress.

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