12 Marathons in 2013

Not sure when the thought of doing 12 marathons this year first entered my mind. Maybe when I worked out my plans for preparing for ultramarathons. This whole thing about stepping up 10% in distance each month. I noticed that rather soon I had to do marathon distances as training runs if I am serious about getting the weekly distance under my feet. And why not doing this at different places and with some crowds keeping you company and cheering you on? Exactly, who would say no to that. However, fitting 12 marathons into a year is not the easiest thing, especially when you want to do the nice ones. October somehow seems to be the month of marathons. Got 4 pencilled in for 3 October weekends already, with many others conflicting with the ones I picked. My current favourites are: Budapest, Amsterdam, Venice and Frankfurt. But let’s focus on Hamburg first – I’m on the U1 on my way to Messehallen to collect my race number.

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