Halstead is great

After the race with eye watering bright finisher shirt, nice medal and a cheesy grin. I absolutely loved it, the organisers did a great job and the route was fantastic. Didn’t have a chance to take more pictures though. My apologies. I blame this guy, who seemed to be very familiar with this race, knowing and chatting to almost everyone on the way. He turned out to be an ultra runner and had very interesting stuff to say, so I tried to keep up with him as long as I could, which was much faster than I have ever approached a marathon so far. The result is a PB around 3:40, which I never thought would be possible judged by my fitness level and the last two rather bumpy long training runs. This guy is a miracle man, I need to stay in touch with him.

Halstead & Essex

The Halstead & Essex marathon starts in 15 minutes. The way to here was just beautiful and I am very excited about the scenic route. The peculiar start and finish line parking spot charm of this picture doesn’t really reflect this. Maybe I will post some nicer pics during the race ­čÖé

London 2014 ballot

The ballot for the London Marathon 2014 opened beginning of this week and closed again in a record time of 11 and a half hours. I surely would have missed it, hadn’t it been for a fellow runner from work with better organisation skills than myself. He gave me a nudge so I didn’t miss it and if I am not mistaken my chances of getting a place are 5:1. They’ll let us know in October or so. I’d run the London marathon every year if they let me, it’s so good and fun. Maybe one day I will make it via a guaranteed entry, all I need to do is to run a marathon under 3:15. This is considered as good for my age and good for age runners seem to be always welcome. 3:15 is far out of my reach yet, but I remember a story about a 75-year-old German marathon runner, who still does this time, he did his first marathon at the age of 49. Very encouraging.