Planning the remaining nine

Have not done an other marathon since Halstead & Essex. The challenge to run 12 this year is becoming bigger the longer I wait. My training schedule caved in during my two weeks in Taiwan in June. I just couldn’t handle the humid hot weather. Especially after having trained in 7 months of UK winter temperatures. As a result my 10% increase per month thing is over. It stopped with a respectable 92k in the first week of June. But my running routine has not recovered since and am desperate to get back into marathon shape. To help me getting motivated I am working on the logistics of fitting 9 more marathons by end of this year. Here is the plan:

September: Jungfrau Marathon (Switzerland), Warsaw Marathon
October: Budapest, Amsterdam and Frankfurt
November: Istanbul and San Sebastian
December: Dorset and Pisa Marathon

Jungfrau, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Pisa are already booked. That’s what I call getting motivated by scaring the heck out of myself…