Planning the remaining nine

Have not done an other marathon since Halstead & Essex. The challenge to run 12 this year is becoming bigger the longer I wait. My training schedule caved in during my two weeks in Taiwan in June. I just couldn’t handle the humid hot weather. Especially after having trained in 7 months of UK winter temperatures. As a result my 10% increase per month thing is over. It stopped with a respectable 92k in the first week of June. But my running routine has not recovered since and am desperate to get back into marathon shape. To help me getting motivated I am working on the logistics of fitting 9 more marathons by end of this year. Here is the plan:

September: Jungfrau Marathon (Switzerland), Warsaw Marathon
October: Budapest, Amsterdam and Frankfurt
November: Istanbul and San Sebastian
December: Dorset and Pisa Marathon

Jungfrau, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Pisa are already booked. That’s what I call getting motivated by scaring the heck out of myself…

4 thoughts on “Planning the remaining nine

  1. Hi Roy, good catching up with you last week and to hear that your training for your 9 marathon is back on track and to read this post today. Hope all good well for you. Switzerland & Italy are some of my favourite places I have visited. Can not wait to do a bit of foreign travel again but in the meantime I have been exploring this beautiful country we live in, as I am know able to do a bit more driving. Took a trip to day with my friend Vera to Upshire Essex just 30 mins away to some peaceful countryside. Look out for my picture on fb. It’s so cool living where we are in sunny Walthamstow. It says on my birth certificate that I was born in the Borough of Walthamstow in the County of Essex just a year before it became part of Waltham Forest one of the Greater London Councils. Keep well!! God Bless Anne

    • Thank you Anne and I agree, you don’t have to travel far to have great experiences: I preferred the Halstead marathon to Paris and Hamburg in many ways…

    • 30k two weeks ago. Just out of the door now to try a 20 miler (32k). But it feels very, very hard… Less than two weeks to ho for the Jungfrau…

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