Hello 2015!

New year, new resolutions. Seems to be true for many people and judging by the increase of runners on the streets, new year resolutions seem to be connected to running. Same for me. However, my resolution is not very original: Running 12 Marathons in 2015, same as in 2013. But this time I want to spread them out and not cram 9 into the year’s last 3 months. One a month would be ideal, starting coming weekend with Gran Canaria. And I already got places for Copenhagen in May and – woohoo!! – Berlin in September. Further ideas are Seville, Spain or Tel Aviv in February, Hamburg (3rd time) in April, the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tronso, Norway, running through the night without sunset and New York City in November of course – I just entered the ballot, but it is unlikely to get a place and if I do, the entry fee is exorbitant and expected travel expenses, too. Well, you live only once, right? It’s all very exciting, welcome 2015!

One thought on “Hello 2015!

  1. Hmmm so many nice places. I love that you combine marathons with new destinations and it kind of eliminates the need to buy trinkets as things to bring home with if you have a medal and a shirt. Tronso sounds awesome. I entered NYC as well. I think we should know the beginning of March if we got in or not. Would only do that one once as well since the fees are really steep i think.

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