Capital Marathon Challenge – Results

First: I came Second! I never came second in anything before. And with a fully operational knee I probably would have had a change to come first. How crazy is that!? (Well, it can only be explained by the limited number of ambitious marathon runners in this event.)

Second: The recorded time on the organisers result page is messed up. I did not do it in 3 hours 10. Definitely not. Add an hour and it’s more like it. Not sure if they will correct it at some point, if not I don’t have an official time 🙁

Third: It was awesome. Running the River Lea tow path as part of a race was a dream come true.  It was quite a lonely race though, only now and then did I cross paths with other participants, which is probably the downside of being in the lead. Hahaha. 🙂 But I had a good friend joining me for a part of the distance, which was unique and very encouraging and probably one of the perks, when you have a marathon race at your doorstep. I loved the course, the last 10 k were through woods, stubble fields and nettles that stung your calves. Very adventurous. And even my knee did hold, but only while I was running. When I stopped for a pee once, I couldn’t go back running, it was too painful and I thought I need to walk the last 8 k. At some point I tried to hobble and went from hobbling to slow running and from there back to normal. Very weird.  It’s still a mystery to me, what to do about my knee, but hey, I have four weeks to figure that out, before the Berlin Marathon comes.

And last but not least: I have not managed to reach my fundraising target of ÂŁ300 yet. I am only half way though. So if any of you feel they can contribute to this cause, please click the link and sponsor me:

Different Challenge

The Capital Marathon Challenge starts in a couple of hours. Getting ready and I am slightly worried, because my knee is not 100%. Will be an interesting one and make the challenge a bit different. You can actually track my progress here. My number is 3001. And if you though about sponsoring me, now is a good time. I have not reached my target yet, so every little counts 🙂

Any supporters?

The London Capital Marathon Challenge is open for supporters all way through. Which surely includes friends who want to join me for parts of the run! One of my running friends is already thinking about it. Anyone else? Here is the full information package and here you can find the full route on Google Maps. It is Saturday, 29 August, from Hackney Marshes and I start at 7am! And if you want to support me but don’t run, there are good news! I run this for charity and you can still sponsor me here: 🙂

Running for Hotel Hope

The next marathon is kind of a anniversary: My 25th since I ran the London Marathon for charity 3 1/2 years ago. Running the London Marathon was an awesome experience, the running and the fundraising alike, both equally challenging and humbling, but very rewarding. End of August I will run a marathon in London again. It’s not the big one of course (which is always in April), but an alternative one, that starts by the Olympic Park and ends outside London in Hertford. And I want to celebrate the 25 with raising money again, this time for Hotel Hope Ministries. Hotel Hope couldn’t be closer to my heart. It is a charity founded by a good friend mine, Oliver, who some years ago gave up his life in London and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, to give abandoned children family-like homes. Watch the YouTube clip and see yourself how this idea became reality. You can help Hotel Hope by sponsoring me on

You can find more info about Hotel Hope Ministries on Thank you so much!