The Berlin Awesomeness

It was truly awesome, on different levels. First, my knee did not play up. An actually quite impossible thing, considering this month’s records of aborted runs, no runs and painful runs caused┬áby my ITB. During the Marathon I had as good as no knee pain. I did get my knee taped for the first time though. They offered it at the marathon fair. But can it make such a difference? I rather claim this as an other running miracle and say thanks for answered prayers. ­čÖé Second, Berlin is just overwhelmingly great. What an awesome city, which rolls out the imaginary red carpet for its international marathon runners and makes them feel welcome. The streets are huge, the landmarks dramatic and full of history, dark and glorious alike, the buildings a mixture of grandeur, passed socialism, post and past war architecture, all mixed with a Berliner spirit of freedom and creativty. I loved the space around the Reichstag and how people just picnicked in front a building where political history has been in making. ┬áThird, even though it was a very short weekend, the time felt filled with rich experiences, from Curry Wurst to the Blue Man Group Show, from leisurely exploring the city to reflecting over the Holocaust Memorial, from spending time with friends to a call from my mum, who said she had been following the whole marathon on TV, trying to spot me, which she even did in the end. And next year, mum said, she will come with me. Good then that I already made my decision to┬áenter the ballot for 2016 again. If I could, I’d run it every year. Here some pictures:

IMG_4344From the finish.

IMG_4352After the marathon in my hotel room: watching the runners who are still out there.

IMG_4290River Spree and Reichstag

Good Morning Berlin

View from my hotel room, 7am.  
This is kilometre 39, so around lunch time I will hopefully be on this road running towards the finish line of this year’s Berlin Marathon.

Very mixed feelings: Very excited to be part of such a mega event, but I am quite underprepared, because knee pain had been grunding my running to a hold. I now know it’s just ITB. I did do some stretches over the last days, which helped. I managed to get a few short last minute runs in this week, with knee pain but at least bareable. Not sure what the day might bring, but I can’t allow myself to stretch this marathon out for too long, because I have a plane to catch at 5pm. Please, God, let Berlin be nice to me!