Dress Rehearsal for Sunday

I am in New York at Central Park, ready for my dress rehearsal run for the marathon on Sunday.   
In my official NYC Marathon shirt and all.
It feels quite surreal: Knowing the city only from movies and TV shows, it feels like being beamed right into one them. Running in Central Park and along Hudson River is the plan and feels like a dream come true. Despite some more curve balls that had been thrown at me (mostly be New York’s “great” public transport system), everything worked out so far, the weather is perfect and the mood is at its highest. New York is a completely mad place. Let’s run it!

Public Transport Paranoia

Ok, it finally paid off: for years I am feeling far too paranoid when it comes to plotting plan B and C for getting to one of London airports via public transport and allow far too much time, which is then usually spent at the gate, waiting for boarding. But not today, when I took the earliest tube possible to catch the flight to New York. The situation out of my bad dreams happened: stuck on the Piccadilly line due to signal failure at Heathrow (!!!) and not knowing when it will be solved. Eventually it was announced that our train will return to Central London. My plan B had already kicked in checking for an Uber before most of the other stranded passengers might have the   same idea. While I was slowly moving down the platform with all the other slightly stressed travellers, Uber was requested, confirmed and on its way. It worked all seemlessly. My stresslevels barely raised. I could even get three other guys on the cab, including an Aussie who was on his way home to see his mother in intensive care. Win, win, win. Bring on the paranoia!


I am in and absolutely grobsmacked! I thought getting a place for New York is already stretching the favors of the odds and much more than I could have hoped for and now ┬áLondon, too! – !!!! What are the odds for that!!??

They are breaking the news to you by sending out this magazine, where the cover normaly says “Sorry, not this time” or something like that. But now it says “YOU’RE IN!”. I am over the moon and don’t know what to do with my emotions… I need a drink. ­čśë