I am in and absolutely grobsmacked! I thought getting a place for New York is already stretching the favors of the odds and much more than I could have hoped for and now  London, too! – !!!! What are the odds for that!!??

They are breaking the news to you by sending out this magazine, where the cover normaly says “Sorry, not this time” or something like that. But now it says “YOU’RE IN!”. I am over the moon and don’t know what to do with my emotions… I need a drink. 😉

2 thoughts on “I AM IN!

  1. Wow, you lucky person 😀
    Will be hanging over my balcony to watch the Amsterdam marathon this sunday. I know you are not in it, but will be cheering for you when you are running NY and London.

    • Thank you Gerty! So nice to know there is a good friend in Amsterdam who is cheering too! New York was great! Truly on of the best marathons (place 2, just behind London) 🙂

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