Where is Kingston?

KingstonKingston upon Thames that is. If I had known in advance my first 50k run would have been perfect. Instead of treading known paths I decided in the middle of my long run to do something different and see where the Thames would lead me and how the world looks like after Battersea Park. It turned out to look really nice and it was a great motivation to carry on with running. I did not intend to do a 50k, but when the world South of the Thames continued to pass by I was somehow sucked into it and did not want to stop. At k 47, after having passed Richmond, I thought it is a good time to check for the closest train station that would bring me home. But my phone was not working (SIM hiccup), so I had no Google Maps. Asking strangers they recommended to go back to Richmond and take the train there. Little did I know that Kingston upon Thames was nearly the same distance going further. I only found out when I was home, had fixed my phone and checked where the heck I actually where running and noticed that Kingston upon Thames would have been the ideal finish for this first 50k run. Well, it is a good enough reason to run this route again soon. Well and I learned an other thing in the meantime: In September there is a 100k Ultra event starting at Putney and  going down exactly this path. I am seriously tempted…

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