Medal Indulgence

For the last six years, every new marathon medal just went on top of the others, burying the older ones under a pile of newer ribbons and metal. It was time to dig them all out for a little bit of marathon medal indulgence. Here is the documenting picture:They are 48 in total and arranged in strict order: Top left is the oldest and bottom right the latest. Hopefully, I will get to 50 by end of this year. Next one is the Dorset Marathon, along the Jurrasic Coast Path, which has UNESCO World Heritage status. I did the marathon distance back in 2013 and this time I will give the 33.3 miles distance a go. It is the hardest and most beautiful marathon I have done yet, check out the organiser’s video and you get the idea. For the 50th I am treating myself with a winter weekend break and go to Malaga. I booked it a little bit last minute, but it was too tempting trying to complete the 50th before the end of 2017.

4 thoughts on “Medal Indulgence

    • Hahaha – yes, “medal feast” describes it. I have the medals still lying on my living room floor, thinking about taking a better picture with more natural light.

  1. That is exceptional, Herr Bruhn. Bruhn50 is almost done. Bruhn100 might be completed in half the time – with ease.

    • Not sure about half the time, but yes, becoming a member of the 100 Marathons Club is something I am thinking about.

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