The Next Step Strategy

Boy, do these YouTube clips take time to produce! I completely underestimated the task. I am learning a lot, but with each new clip, I do something I have not done before, which eats up more time. So, here we go, clip No 6, from last Sunday’s run all through London. It starts slow, me being in bed mulling over where to get motivation from and remembering a TED Talk How endurance athletes are using the power of the now. This leads to me trying out my “Next Step Strategy”.  Have a look how it went!

Tip: If you are more interested in the running footage through London than me waffling, skip to minute 2:50, when I finally get out of the house 😉 Enjoy, subscribe and leave me likes, dislikes and comments 🙂

Experimental Running

There is this term “experimental tourism”, which captures the idea of just roaming around foreign places exploring without a specific destination. That works for running, too. And with the dwMap app for Garmin, you can do both, roam around unknown places and still don’t get totally lost and be back home in time.  I show you how in the clip and also show some iPhone footage that went horribly wrong.

Enjoy, subscribe, like, dislike, comment or ask questions. Do you have a recipe for getting out for runs when you don’t feel like it?

The Alban Way

Here comes a new clip from my Sunday run with running buddy Hakeem. The Alban Way is not a new lifestyle mantra, but an actual path that follows an old disused train line to St Albans, a town whose history goes back to Roman times and is named after Alban, the first British saint. They have a nice Abbey there, which can also be seen in the video.


New YouTube Channel

Do three published videos already make a channel? Well, three is better than none I guess and the last one shows a full minute of footage me running through London. Yeah. I got the idea for this a few days ago, when after a major Facebook mishap I decided to say goodbye to Mark Zuckerberg’s social network monster. You suddenly have a lot of spare time If you can’t spend it scrolling through random posts and updates. So here it is, my third video on the Roy Runs YouTube Channel:

Enjoy watching! And don’t forget to subscribe… Hahaha… 😉