I failed, kind of


It’s all over and I was rightly scared. It was not easy, despite all the training. Until kilometre 30 it all went rather well, but then I had to slow down and from kilometre 35 I had to walk. Running, not walking was one of my main targets! It was a very hard thing to do, and felt like failing, but I am glad I did it, because my top target was not to break myself. And even with sore knees and hips, which did not allow me to run on, they were much better when I walked and I am pretty confident that it’s all good now and I am still in one piece. Over all it was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for the London one, and a 4 hours 22 minutes is still a respectable time I mean, for the first try and considering my age. Bring on London 2012!

6 thoughts on “I failed, kind of

  1. You haven’t failed, that is an awesome achievement Roy, you can be definitely pround of that! And the most important thing is, that you listened to your body! Amazing, well done 😀

    • Thanks Tanja, you are right, but I still wish that one day I am able to fully run a marathon, not walk. The goo thing: I have over 14 weeks now to prepare for the second try… Yeah. 🙂

  2. Hey Roy,

    4.22 is a great achievement and you shouldn’t look at it as a fail because you walked some way. As a veteran of six marathons believe me the last 6-8 miles are the toughest and there is no shame in walking for some bits.

    Keep your head up, get the big miles under your belt between now and April and on the day enjoy the atmosphere, it will really help you along.

    • Yeah, I agree. I shouldn’t feel bad, but somehow I did. It’s better now and I am full of good hopes for the London marathon! Thanks for encouragement. 🙂 Maybe we can run together one day?

  3. Brilliant first marathon time too, huh? My first was an impressive 5 hours 40 minutes, one of the last to come back!

    • Yeah, it’s all about the experience. And in the end, it is not that bad if your fears become true 🙂 at least the worst ones haven’t yet.

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