I am at Tel Aviv airport and have some time for reflections and soul searching: Rain – it did rain a lot, before and after the marathon, during it not so much. Thanks God. Failure – I had a bit of time to digest my failing – kind of failing. I shouldn’t have gone for the sub 4 hours. Instead I should have run very easy, easy, easy till the end. But good news on the hip and knee front: pain is over and I was able to do long excursions through the Golan Heights. (Nimrod’s Stronghold is one of the most fascinating places I have seen, especially when visited in rain and mist.) Today my legs feel nearly back to normal and I am very grateful that the marathon didn’t seem to have caused major injuries. The rest of the time in Israel was just great. We had sun, rain (a lot) and even snow and of course one historic site after an other historic site. Absolutely crazy this place, in a good way.

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