Snaresbrook News

I always thought of Snaresbrook as a strange name, a bit menacing and the perfect setting for some ugly stories you don’t want to know about. Well, it happened that I googled this place to get the spelling right when posting this atmospheric picture of Snaresbrook Crown Court of my long-run the other day.

Coincident or not, but apart from the right spelling I did stumble upon a story that I could have done without: Contaminated (urine) food at the court canteen. Not quite sure why I am posting this (not even latest news), but here you go. The run was ok, by the way. Decided to be less manic about times and distances and just try to enjoy it again. I decided to do my long run straight after my Pilates class on Saturday (rather the usual Sunday), exploring a bit unknown Epping Forest territory (which led to the picture and the disturbing news). But the weather was as great yesterday, as it is rubbish today, exactly as my WeatherPro App told me. Would would I do without it?

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