And the time is…

… 4 hrs 39 mins.

Really? 4 hours and 39 minutes? Didn’t I say, I wanted to run it in under 4 hours? What happened?

To cut a long story short: This London Marathon experience was so absolutely amazing, that I just didn’t want it to end. Every 10 seconds some else was shouting my name, cheering me on, offering me jelly babies, home baked flapjacks, hands to high five… Come on, who wants to rush through moments like these? In addition you are passing all these great London landmarks, the weather could not have been more ideal, it was just the perfect day in the life of Roy. I wanted to enjoy and take in every moment and not to get freaked out about knees starting to give in. Well they did eventually, but I didn’t mind. I just walked and run again and walked and run. When it came to the finish line Will Young apparently overtook me and I didn’t even notice.

I want to say thank you to all of you who supported me in so many ways and made this day so special. I did not have the chance to take good photos myself, but the organiser took plenty. They are currently identifying the runners and uploading them bit by bit. Don’t ask me how they do that for everyone of the 37,500 runners, but under my details there are already nine. Check them out.

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