Outrunning Zombies

I couldn’t resist running home last night, despite a 40 minutes lunch time run, tired legs and sore feet. I had to know what’s happening next in my newly entered zombie world. I will run very, very slowly, I convinced myself, put on my running shoes, earphone and fired up the Zombies, Run! app – Mission 2, I’m coming. You can see the result here. The slow running approach did not last for long. It took the first alarm “zombies detected” and I changed from trotting into running – and then from running into fast running. The audio game merges with a playlist of your choice which gives you an extra boost (depending on the music I guess). I was running home like a rabbit, dodging people on the crowded pavements and was very lucky that the zombies did not chase me, when traffic or crowds slowed me down or brought me to a stop. It can get very panicky with the countdown “zombies 50 meters”, “zombies 20 meters” in your ears, the detection signal getting faster and faster and the zombie groans getting louder and louder. The last thing you want to do is to jump in front of a car, mow down innocent passersby and let zombie land clash with reality. The app actually warns you to stay clear headed on busy roads and make sure you have enough free space when you run. I see why. But I made it home, collected new items on the way which I used to expand my survivors township and can’t wait for the next run – Mission 3 is waiting…

5 thoughts on “Outrunning Zombies

  1. Still reading but just can not get my head around the zombie thing. 🙁 life is scary enough sometime. Prayers for safety.

  2. See from the start of your run you work in a really cool part of town. Reminds me we must do some old v new sight seeing sometime soon. I know for sure that I can not see myself being won over to the Zombie thing but maybe to some new Architecture. 🙂

    • #new architecture: Have you been to the Shard yet? Well you see it peak through from almost everywhere in London. I like it 🙂

  3. Yes have seen it in pictures and like you say from a distance when I was last sight seeing with my sister for the Queen’s Jubilee. You also get a very good view just 4 and 5 minutes from home when walking down Coppermill Lane as you reach the reservoir, which I’m sure your formally with. Have yet to get a close up look. Once walked from home down the lane to John Wesley Chapel and Museum in city road and the interesting Armoury House. Cool old architecture. Maybe do a similar walk sometime and end at the Shard.

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