Finish Line

Epic. That word describes it all. The finish line was in this awesome marble stadium (which name I should know, but I don’t) and I can hardly describe the feelings when I finally entered it. The pains and struggles with the tough course (very tough) are all forgotten, when you feel welcomed by the ancient landmark and embraced by 2,500 years of old history. The fact that again I did not do the under 4 hours seemed to be dwarfed by this experience. I am very please though with my time around 4:17 considering the hard course and all. And I want to do it again and then stay a bit longer. Athens is such a great city. The long weekend here only wants me to have more.

Edit: It is the Panathinaikon stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896.

8 thoughts on “Finish Line

    • Yes, it is my personal best 🙂 I did 4:22 in Israel. Sometimes I feel I run and run but don’t really improve my times, but in fact Athens was much tougher than Israel, I had no knee problems this time (only cramps all over which I never had before) and still I did a better time. Thanks for pointing this out Anne, I tend to oversee these details 😉

  1. Super, super, super – well done, Roy !!!!! And I am sooooo impressed with your time !!!! Thats a straight 10km/h if I calculate it right ???? Wow !!!! I was exhausted after 2 blocks this morning – well done to you – highly inspirational !!! Love. O

    • I always put enjoyment and health over ambitious times – that’s why I am still so slow I guess 😉 but it keeps me going, because I also still like it. Finding the right pace (most off the time quite slower than you would normally run) is the key I think. Thanks Oliver!

  2. Hi Roy, good to see you at BHRBC this morning!! As mentioned I am getting notifications of your new posts but in double checking my e-mails I didn’t get a notification follow up this time for reason. Do I need to tick this box each time I first make a comment? Well done again on your personal best time and pleased you liked my little attention to detail. B-) Enjoyed a nice walk this after to Springfield Park with my friend Vera. It wasn’t at Marathon pace but good to get out out in the sun shine.

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