Cheer or not to cheer

I am slightly obsessed with the idea of online cheering. My friend Michael took advantage out of this by getting an extra boost for his marathon last year. Michael was using the app Runtastic which allows other connected Runtastic friends to click buttons on race day and send cheering noise to Michael’s earphones, while tracking his progress in real time. I want that. But I use Runkeeper. Runkeeper offers the elite membership, which I signed up for (and payed for). Elite members are also offered the real time tracking during the race and somewhere in the small sprint it’s mentioned that friends & family can cheer you. But while the Runkeeper people are explaining in detail and YouTube how the tracking works the technicalities of cheering are mentioned nowhere. Bummer. Anyway, here is the link for tracking. Race starts tomorrow at 8:45 CET. See me there and look out for any cheering options. I will have my earphones plugged in, maybe I will hear you!

4 thoughts on “Cheer or not to cheer

  1. Darn – you should have told me! Instead of enjoying a nice breakfast buffet at our local bakery, I could instead have been sitting in front of my computer cheering you on… 😀 … then again…. it WAS a nice breakfast 😉
    Congratulations anyway – looks like you DID manage your <4 hours run!!!

    • Damn, I always wanted to tell you, but it somehow got lost in the prep busyness. But I do it again in two weeks in Hamburg.

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