Here a picture from Hamburg Fernsehturm were it all began and ended. It ended rather well. Just a few seconds after I crossed the finish line I got a text from the organisers giving me my official time. It’s 3:54:35 – yeah! The run itself was rather hard though, at k15 I already had enough, at k21 I couldn’t see how I possibly can run the same distance again. But then I did it somehow. Really strange experience and it shows that every run can have its own challenges, struggles and victories.

2 thoughts on “Fernsehturm

  1. Congrats Roy!!!!! That is a really good time!!! Sub 4 is a huge goal for me but you are already there the second time now right?? So proud of you!!!! Go rest

    • Thank you Simone! I had been trying to do under 4 since my first marathon in Jan 2012. It took my over a year to finally get there. Must be my ripe age 🙂 good luck and fun with your running! I am sure you can do an under 4!

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