London 2014 ballot

The ballot for the London Marathon 2014 opened beginning of this week and closed again in a record time of 11 and a half hours. I surely would have missed it, hadn’t it been for a fellow runner from work with better organisation skills than myself. He gave me a nudge so I didn’t miss it and if I am not mistaken my chances of getting a place are 5:1. They’ll let us know in October or so. I’d run the London marathon every year if they let me, it’s so good and fun. Maybe one day I will make it via a guaranteed entry, all I need to do is to run a marathon under 3:15. This is considered as good for my age and good for age runners seem to be always welcome. 3:15 is far out of my reach yet, but I remember a story about a 75-year-old German marathon runner, who still does this time, he did his first marathon at the age of 49. Very encouraging.

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