Why race info should be read in time

I should have read the race info earlier, not at the airport the evening before the event, with suitcase packed and the new and shiny trail running shoes in it. Well, they are not that new and shiny anymore, last Saturday I gave them a go with my last long training run before the Jungfrau. I chose a route with as much trail as possible, which is a bit of a challenge living in a big city. But Epping Forest is near by and there is also a bit of a grassy stripe on the way back along the canal. I guess I did two thirds trail and the shoes, Inno-8-X-Talon 190, were doing great. On trail, not on tarmac. Tarmac feels quite uncomfortable in them. Now I learned that half of the Jungfrau Marathon route is road, which means I have to run in my old Mizuno trainers, that are close to falling apart. I am lucky that I have them with me, but I could surely have saved the investment for trail running shoes. An other lesson learned.

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