Budapest Marathon warm-up

I had the whole Saturday to roam through Budapest. Today was supposed to be my rest day though, but how can you rest in a city like this? Budapest is truly stunning. And the weather was great, too, so I walked around more than I wanted to and walking can sometimes feel more tiring than running. But I found a compromise. Budapest is also the home of many thermal baths. I went to one that has outside areas and with 24 degree and sun it felt like summer holiday. The bath itself was also impressive. The Lonely Planet travel guide says it’s like swimming in a church and they are right. Here some pictures:
Cool, huh? And that’s only the bath, you should see the rest of the city (which I am sure many of you have ;)). Can’t wait for tomorrow when the roads are closed and I am allowed to run through it, passing World Heritage sites and all sorts. Very exciting.

One thought on “Budapest Marathon warm-up

  1. Amazing pictures Roy, hope all gord well with your marthron. It was cool having unexcepted chat todsy. All is going well with my new job. Bfn Anne

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