Thoughts from the start line

It starts in 30 minutes – I need to take a picture from the start line – what is the creepy guy doing in the background – why is he filming (!) me – while I am taking pictures of myself (!!) – embarrassing – good that there was a red cap in my race pack – it’s supposed to be warm – 25 degrees – and sunny – that why I am thankful about the cap – it’s even colour coordinated with my shoes – wearing this silly vest – seemed to be a good idea first, because of the high temperature – but now my hydration pack feels sore under my arms – need to vas them up – silly idea wearing the vest – never change anything from the usual on race day – first rule – I did not follow it – will I get away with it? – best case scenario: I ease into the run and it will be fine – worst case scenario: hours of torture – I need the loo – I don’t need the loo – what if I need the loo during the race – it will be alright – hopefully – or maybe not – well nothing I can do now – see you at the finish line!

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