At Frankfurt Festhalle

Tomorrow I am running Frankfurt, the 8th out if my 12 planned marathons for 2013. My first impression from collecting the bib, having some pasta and seeing the Frankfurt Festhalle (festival hall) where we will finish? It’s gonna be awesome! A lot if music, party and my running buddy Michael (the bloke next to me on the picture) says, tomorrow there will be a red carpet towards the finish line. Running on a red carpet? A first for me. But not for Michael. He did it last year and tested the ground. The fact that he runs it again speaks for Frankfurt. He actually wants to run it 10 times and enter the club and get a lifetime race number. How cool is that? So I better stick to him tomorrow, he seems to know what he is doing.

7 thoughts on “At Frankfurt Festhalle

    • Hi Gerty, good to hear from you, it was great!! I wrote a bit more in the post “Red Carpet” 🙂 hope all is well with you? Have not heard for ages from you. Roy

  1. I see you also did the Amsterdam Marathon, jeeez you should have told me. You were running in front of my house. I could have done some cheering and perhaps a little dance from my balcony and even offer you a place to sleep (if needed).
    But two thumbs up 😀
    Will keep an eye on this blog for now on though

    • Such a shame… And it’s not that I don’t need any supporters. The marathon running becomes a bit of a lonely activity, there are not many friends cheering, a dance on the balcony might have been exactly what I needed. At which kilometer of the marathon is your house? Just wondering where exactly I did not see you 😉 And thanks for the offer to sleep. I stayed in Voorschoten with friends, but might have been easier to be directly in Amsterdam the night before, where it all happened. Next time :))

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