Florence – the perfect marathon

I am a big fan of the Florence marathon. Awesome views, friendly people and very well organised! I never ran in a marathon through small allies like here or was passing so many jaw-droppingly nice buildings. The conditions very absolutely perfect, only potential difficulty is a bit of uneven cobble stone and stone tiles in the town centre, but they did not bother me. I thought I give it a go and tried for under 3:30. And with these perfect conditions it is only me to blame that I did not do it. I am seriously wondering how other runners set themselves targets and managed to do it. I didn’t even injured myself or had cramps or anything, just couldn’t do it. It was hard, but it still feels there is something left that I don’t access. Well, at least I managed to do a new personal best. They just emailed me the official time: 3:33:12 – yeah! And my legs really hurt this time, but just normal muscle soreness, knees and joints are fine – again, no excuses for not archiving the under 3:30. I am probably just not tough enough to access this little bit of extra that brings you to archiving your target. I probably will always be a fun runner 😉

2 thoughts on “Florence – the perfect marathon

  1. I call BS!!!! Yes you CAN access that little extra!!! Just need to figure out how. You have improved so much and you continue to do so. Just be patient and keep trying. When you ran your first one, did you ever think you could do 3:33?!?? Just keep at it and I dare you to bet with me: I bet you can get to 3:15 over the next year or two!!!!

    • I agree, if I continue to run long distances it is quite likely that I slowly will get faster over the time. But I still wonder where to get this final push attitude from. I don’t seem to have it. But to be honest, I am not really that bothered. Fun running is probably – ehh – more fun, I guess 🙂

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