No Pictures from Paradise

It is a bit ironic that I did not manage to take one picture from the visually most stunning marathon yet. The Dorset Costal Trail Marathon yesterday was just awesome. There were parts where I thought, this is what paradise must look like. The sunny weather and mild temperatures supported this impression.

Well, then the moments followed where I thought paradise and hell are quite close to each other. Probably after 2 thirds of the run. The steep hills were just disheartening, especially when your legs start cramping and you have no idea how to make the next step up-hill. The only option is to sit down, wait, accept electrolyte tablets from fellow runners and try again.

Ongoing cramps can slow you down quite a bit, as a side effect you also cool down. The wind on top of the hills and the sweat-drenched clothes don’t help either and in these dreadful conditions, another 15k (or 9 miles) can be an eternity. Best thing to do is to block out any throughs of arriving anywhere, just to focus on the next steps and believe in the fundamental truth that if you don’t stop moving you with arrive at some point.

And I did, in under 6 hours. Official time not known yet. “Never give up” is the motto of the organiser EnduranceLife. It felt never more relevant. Once they publish the times and some pictures their webpage I’ll let you know. And yes, I am already thinking about doing the next one.

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