Party Marathon Luxembourg


This is the finish line and where the party started. (Took the picture before the marathon though, was too busy and tired afterwards and forgot to take pictures again.) Luxembourg was without doubt one of the most fun marathons I did. Maybe because it started at night 7pm and went through Luxembourg City where the whole town seemed to be out and on their feet and having a good time. Bands were playing everywhere and the supporters really did support you: I have never felt so motivated by cheers, music and spectators. And I needed it, because at the same time it was a very tough route. Not sure if it was because of my lack of training or other things I did different, but after first pursuing a under 3:30 time, I had a complete performance breakdown after the first half and was glad I managed to do it under 4 hours in the end: official time 3:59:50 🙂 But still, I can highly recommend the Luxembourg marathon to anyone who wants to run and have a party at the same time in a beautiful city with a stunning scenery.

2 thoughts on “Party Marathon Luxembourg

  1. Still well done!!! Maybe it was a combination of several things?? (Late run, training, tough course)…. In the end as long as it was fun, the time doesn’t matter!!!

    • Thanks Simone – my legs have not been hurting that much since Athens. I think I just overdid it somehow: Trying to do the sub 3:30 while I couldn’t and pushing over certain limits not having a next marathon planned where I had to be careful for 🙂 Sometimes I do feel like I got enough now and I should retire, but deep within I feel it is not really an option 😉 Lets see. Next one on the list is Lisbon in October.

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