New York! NEW YOOOORK!!!!

I made it. I made it!!!! I MADE IT!!!!! New-york-congrats
I can’t believe it. I normally never get into anything that requires luck. I am in shock… What’s next? A flight, I need to book a flight.

4 thoughts on “New York! NEW YOOOORK!!!!

    • Not sure what’s wrong with me, but I am still sooo excited I feel I could pop. It reminds me of Christmas as a child. It’s just one of those things that normally don’t happen to me and that you can’t really buy for money (well some can, but I wouldn’t). So pleased that you are joining! Good luck with your fundraising. Set up a donation page asap and give me the link 🙂

      • Haha, I was first really disappointed that i didn’t get in through the lottery and I know I would have been that excited myself if i would have. BUT this one is on my bucket list (also want to do Boston at some point but will have to get a lot faster for that one). So I have 7 months to get there and I think I can. I already set up a page (its on my Facebook page) and already have the first donation. I looked up the address where you are staying and the train station is basically half way between there and my hotel 🙂 Good choice Roy. Maybe the excitement will give us some extra push to train…lol

        • Perfect, I will check out your webpage. With Berlin and New York this year, I will have done 3 out of the Big 5. Only Boston and Chicago to go, but same with me, for Boston I have to work a little bit more on my times…

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