The Barcelona Crumble

I tried, I really did. A new PB. But I crumbled, at kilometre 35 to be precise. Up to this point it went actually quite well. The plan was to stick to the pace makers, but could not push to the front of the pen to join them. It took me up to kilometre 12 to catch up with them. And I stuck to them until the crumble started. It was probably one of the worst performance drops ins my marathon career. There was nothing left. Good thing, the marathon itself was spectacular. Barcelona is a fantastic city, vibrant, bursting of creativity and jaw dropping architecture. I have to come back, 18 hours is not enough. Running a marathon here felt  like running through a fairy tale city from start to finish. The buildings and unusual architecture are phenomenal. And, yes, we did pass the Sagrada Familia and, yes, it is wow! The picture is from the night before though, I normally don’t take picture during the run. And my phone died on me literally on the finish line, so no finisher selfie this time.


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