Having doubts in Hamburg

I haven’t been running since Monday, as a response to the mysterious pain in the left hip area. Not that running makes it worse, but if even walking causes pain it seemed like a good idea to give the running a little break. Well, the pain is now numbed by ibuprofen and my friend Simone, who also runs Hamburg today, said she has a similar condition. Unlike me Simone got it checked out by a doctor and was diagnosed with “Schleimbeutelentzûndung” (no clue what that is in English, google translate it yourself). Maybe I got the same thing? It’s apparently caused by tensed IT bands and I have to admit,  I did neglect IT band streching over the last months. Nothing I can do about now. Let’s see how far I get, maybe I am even able to finish it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Having doubts in Hamburg

  1. *Picture me where I am raising my forefinger and wiggling it* LOL
    Better take care of yourself as I cannot do that :-D. But good luck with your hip area.
    Any plans for the Amsterdam one or is this a case of “been there, done that”?

    • Gerty!! Great to read from you! Thanks for caring 🙂 it was hard, but I made it through. Not sure if I will do Amsterdam again, but there a plenty othe cool marathons in Netherlands, Rotterdam for example… How are you? Long time no hear.

  2. So I read, congratulation for you anyway. Still unbelievable how many you finished though, chapeau (or hats off). Yup I keep an eye on your blog, have to know what you are up to haha
    As for Rotterdam, that is a classic one. You should do it one day.
    All is well here, by the way had a great time looking at the BBC and the London marathon. I just love the way that they not only show the athletes but also everyone who is dressed up. That is my favourite part. Don’t have to tell you to take care of that “Schleimbeutelentzûndung” if that is what it is. Will light a candle or cross my fingers (whatever is handy) 😀

    • Thanks Gerty. Yes, Rotterdam definitely stays on my list. When it comes to fun and charity running London is second to none. Maybe New York is similar… Well I will find out this year, won’t I? The hip is actually pretty good today, feet and muscles and some undefined parts of the legs hurt much more… Strange 🙂

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